Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Family day IOW 2010 at

Playing Catch Up Again

First the good news on Ryan, he has been so patient and done exactly as he was told which means he could do nothing but so far so good and best of all today we went back to the hospital and his plaster has been replaced with one that starts below the knee ! He still is not allowed to bear any weight on the right leg but it is so much easier and more comfortable to get around.

The last few weeks have been busy and difficult at the same time as we have had to rethink our summer but we had a lovely few days on the Isle of Wight . Every year my cousins Anne and Christopher put on a family get together, it is always a great success and a very big thank you to them both.We always have a bouncy castle and this year it was something quite different.It had a beam across the middle which some found more difficult than others to get on! once you were up the idea was to knock your opponent off with a big cushion. The kids were great hanging on upside down and had to be peeled off literally.It's become a bit of a tradition that the group photo is done on the bouncy castle and this year was no exception.

Just a quick note on the agility front ,( mixed feelings about this one as I feel so pleased that Fizzle works for me but a bit guilty at the same time )but at Rugby Fizzle qualified for Crufts 2010 teams, four fast clears put us in first, well done to my fellow team members Anne with Roxy, Wendy with Cruise and Peggy with Zoe. Fizzle was a complete star winning her grade 5 jumping, 3rd in grade 5 agility with me holding all her contacts! Not forgetting Ink 2ND in her grade 6 agility and 5TH in grade 6 jumping.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Ryan's Bad Luck

No one knows whats round the corner! The last 24 hours have been very stressful.Dave went to collect Ryan from scouts last night and when he arrived was told "Ryan's fallen over and hurt himself, someone fell on top of him !". Dave found him in a lot of distress and in great pain brought him home. We had a look and decided that an A & E visit was needed. Result, yes he had broken his tibia and was put in a half cast in case of swelling and back again in the morning.They didn't arrive home until 2am and Ryan and I were back again at 8.45 this morning . More xrays showed that it was indeed a very bad fracture and he is now in plaster from his toes to his hip in the hope that it will stabilize the leg and prevent the need for any surgery, back again next week for further xrays to check there is no bone movement. To make it worse Ryan should have been at Thorpe park today with his school as an end of year celebration. He will also miss his scout trip to Finland in August not to mention all his agility.He has been so very brave - a lot braver than I I'm sure , if the tables were reversed.

Friday, 2 July 2010


I know I've been a very bad blogger again but just must quickly post our big celebration news.

The wonderful Ryan and Fizzle are flying high and have won into grade 5 at Thames plus numerous very good top placings... too many to mention all of them but very well done to you both.

My little super girlie HAS GONE INTO GRADE 7 !!!!
After having so many eliminations recently I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get it together in the ring again, but not only have we won into grade 7 but we have had SIX CONSECUTIVE WINS starting at Axtane

grade 6 jumping
grade 6 agility
combined 4-7 jumping
followed by
grade 6 agility
grade 6 jumping
combined 6/7 agility at Watford.

I am so pleased and proud of her I can't begin to say,thanks to all those of you that have given me the support and encouragement and the kick up the ... when I needed it.

Videos hopefully to follow soon.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Ryan and Fizzle in to Grade 4

Playing catch up again sorry ! Chippenham Show was an early start and a long day but so worth it. Ryan won the agility and came 4th in the jumping.

Ink was also in good form 2nd in the grade 6 agility by .o12 of a second , a lovely cocker spaniel won that is now gone into grade 7. The jumping I was so pleased with a fast flowing course with some handling as well, to my amazement we came 2nd this was a combined 6/7 course at a championship show ! To round off the day was Fizzle and Ink's first attempt at pairs and we came 7th. Made the drive home much more pleasant.

Easter celebration thank goodness put the small medium ring inside where we were on ring party. Ink's grade 6 agility was up first another 2nd what a good girl she is.
Ryan and Fizzle just to prove it wasn't a fluke won the grade 3 agility again. On the jumping rounds however we both picked up 5 on the weaves !

The Sunday got off to a mad rush Ryan had three rings going at the same time one being the juniors with all three dogs. Not sure who did the most running me back and forth to the car or him in the ring itself. All his runs were clear in juniors Ink came 6th and Fizzle 8th with Tippex just outside the placings. Grade 3 jumping they came 2nd. Fortunately Dave and the girls decided to pop down as it was a local show and they managed to see him win the 1-3 agility - lots of cheering as he crossed the finish line. They also won the small 1-5 tournament overall.

Winning Into Grade 4 at

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Success at Crufts

3 dogs 4 competitions 2 rosettes. First up was Ink in the YKC agility dog of the year,started well but we weren't quite together on the day and sadly picked up an elimination, but Ink didn't know this and we had a great time.
Next was my little Fizzle and after our major scare last week I just wanted to enjoy running her. She was absolutely amazing and we were lying first with just the last dog to go, a fantastic grade seven dog and we came second. I was so proud of her to do this well in her first year of competing,as my first dog to train she has been a huge challenge with all her difficulties. We have learnt a lot from each other and I look forward to what lies ahead. She was also in the team which was quite a tricky course in the small space and we picked up five faults. With two clears and two eliminations we were out of the placings but I would like to thank my fellow team members I had lots of fun.

Pachesham Juniors 2

Tippex was a star as always and to my great suprise we picked up a 6th place, I was especially pleased as he is 13 next week and I didn't think we were fast enough to get a place. He also qualified for the supadogs final at Mid-downs before Crufts. So we will have to see how he is come October and see how he goes between now and then.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Crufts Here We Come

Just a quick update before we set off. Fizzle is well enough to compete , test results were good back in two weeks for a final check but my vet was very happy with her! What a relief !!The big problem now is how to stop her getting to things she shouldn't apart from permanently caging her indoors which I really don't want to do I 'm not sure whats the best way!

Anyway I wanted to wish all our friends and especially Ryan lots of luck at crufts and to remember to enjoy the experience it's an achievement to even qualify !! Hope to be able to catch up with you there.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fizzle's back home

Just got in tonight with Fizzle.She has been driving everyone mad at the vets, pulling her drips out twice whilst wearing her lampshade !! If they put her in her cage she demanded attention ( which i think she got a lot of ) I can't thank all the team enough they have been so patient with her over the past two years and have really helped her to build a trusting relationship along the way. The difference in her confidence at the two surgeries was noticeable. Her bloods were up but she is remarkably bright and they felt she would get more rest at home ( not to mention their ears). I have to take her back Friday morning for more blood tests , but we are all very happy to have her home where she belongs.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fizzle's grape scare

Fizz is in big trouble once again. This time she has eaten a whole bunch of grapes!!Last night at about 11 o'clock my mum went to put the dogs out for their last toilet trip and found the empty grape stalks in her bed. She immediately rang the vets and she took her to the emergency unit in Wimbledon. They induced vomiting and put her on a drip .Mum collected her this morning and transferred her to our vets and we are awaiting further news at the moment.We can only hope that she is strong enough to get through this, at the moment only time will tell.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Crufts countdown - 4 weeks Tomorrow !!!

Crufts is getting ever nearer and I am starting to get a bit worried about making sure I am ready. This year I am in four separate competitions, the YKC agility dog of the year with Ink, YKC medium ABC with Tip, the YKC teams and the YKC small agility with fizzle. This will be Fizzles first year so I am wondering how she will react to the conditions at crufts. She has never run on carpet before but my main worry is that she will freak out at the amount of people and the noise surrounding the ring. Mum has sorted out with Eleanor a training day on carpet during half term next week. Can't wait!

However I am really looking forward to it and am really exited. If I can get into the main ring again this year that would be great, the atmosphere is just amazing.

Recently, we have also been working on our contacts. Fizz gets impatient on the see-saw and if it doesn't tip quick enough she likes to jump of the sides.This is because I have a got into the habit of leaning into her when praising her at the bottom.I really have to concentrate on keeping my shoulders straight and feeding her from the hand closest to her. The other contact I was a bit concerned about was the A frame, she keeps going on the movement of my body, not me saying go, I need to practise running past the contact and not feeding from exactly the same place every single time.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all. Well my new year resolution already out the window as I was going to try to keep more up to date with the blog and already it's the 8th of January !!

Christmas came and went so quick I nearly missed it . Christmas day was lovely all the family came round lots of drinking ( tea and coffee :):) )and chatting and we swapped pressies, it was great to see everyone. Boxing day we went to visit my cousins, played silly games, ate too much food ,all the usual stuff. Then we went to the Isle of Wight to stay with cousins and see the new year in. It was great except big mistake I left my camera at home and am STILL waiting ( hint hint) for Kathryn to email me with some she took of us all walking on the beach .

The kids had one day back at school before the snow came and have been at home since.The first few days was great lots of playing, building snowmen,sledging but I have to say it took me two hours to get to work yesterday by train and mostly walking when normally I can drive in fifteen minutes! Not looking forward to doing that again!

The dogs however especially Ink love the snow.

Ink just can't help herself. While the other two look on wondering what all the fuss is about.

Tippex is saying I think it's time to go home now !