Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ink update

Saw my usual vet on Wednesday last week she did a thorough examination and really checked Ink's spine,she pulled pushed and pressed - ink didn't flinch which was fantastic .Ink is now allowed to go on short walks on lead so still quite restricted but a much happier dog for it and we have to go back a week on Wednesday.Still not sure what long term will hold but a lot better than we originally thought.Keeping fingers and toes crossed will keep you posted as any more news comes in.

Monday, 21 April 2008

No More Agility.....

A week ago today my beloved Ink had yet another accident.She was doing what she loves best running through the woods, when she came back to me on three legs, no blood, no yelp but her right hind leg she would not put to the floor.Off to the vet we went,they confirmed my fears- suspected cruciate ligament.They wanted to see her the next day to do a closer examination under GA.When I went to get her that evening the cruciate was not as bad as they first thought just a small tear which they want to leave for the time being and give her strict cage rest and painkillers.However there was a lot more concern for her spine which xrays showed that the vertebrae before the pelvis had seemed to fuse.This is definitely not something that is seen on such a young dog ( 21/2 yrs).Ink has never shown any symptoms of back trouble or soreness/stiffness of any kind, in fact she is the most energetic dog I have ever owned and does not know how to rest.We are due back again at the vet on Wednesday and will discuss further options but for now I am still in shock and very worried about my girl,I just want her back out of her cage running free enjoying herself like a normal dog it's heartbreaking to see her little face when I go out with the other two.Along road ahead of us but the worst bit is not knowing whats in store...

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Try Again

Oops this is all new to me I have a lot to learn the slide show was obviously not quite right so I have had another go!

Snow Snow Snow

What a surprise to wake up on Sunday morning, beautiful snow and a thick covering too.The kids couldn't get dressed quick enough.We had so much fun sledging,got quite a speed up on some of the slopes,we are so lucky to have it all on our doorstep.Snow ball fights, I think Dave got the worst of it with three children against him of course no one could throw any at me as I was chief photographer!!!The dogs loved it too especially Ink who would jump really high into the air to catch snowballs.Nearly THREE HOURS later we had to drag the kids home must to their annoyance.It was so sad to see it all gone the next day.I took so many photos it was difficult to choose so here are a few of the best. Enjoy!!

Easter Celebration

Saturday off we went to Ardingly which is only about half an hour for us so is one of my favourite venues but I have to say I was very pleased when the medium ring was moved inside not only for working the dogs but for ring party! Performance wise one of the worst ever, 6 runs between us and 6 eliminations,as least we were consistent!!

Sunday woke up to snow and had a brief moment when I was just going to turn over and go back to sleep but decided to go and see if we could redeem ourselves.Ink was a star 2nd in 1 - 5 jumping and 9th in 1 - 7 Helter Skelter.The boys put in some very good rounds but not quite fast enough for a place.

Mid Downs and Chippenham

Mid downs was not the best day for poor Ryan and Tippex. They did some good handling but unfortunately didn't quite get it together so no clear rounds this time.Ink and myself weren't much better(maybe it was something we ate for breakfast).The afternoon was a bit better Ink came 6th in 4-7 Jumping.A good day out catching up with all our friends.

Early next morning we set off for Chippenham hoping to do better. Much better today Ryan put in some lovely work with Tip but not quite fast enough for a place.He also had Titan but unfortunately Titan's mind was not on the job,he was more interested in what was going on outside the ring than staying with Ryan in the ring!!!
Ink however saved the day putting in some excellent rounds 2nd Grade 4 agility,4th 1 -7 Steeplechase and 11th 1 -7 agility.Silly me forgot to take the camera.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I'm Back !!!!!!!

Hi all if there is anybody checking on me.Yes I have been a very very bad blogger, I would love to say that I have been off doing wonderful things but unfortunately not.Just run down with the day to day life of running a house,three kids,three dogs,a husband, a job, decorating, stripping the stairs (which I have to say I wish I had never started,but seemed like a good idea at the time)and lots more boring stuff which you don't want to know about.I can't begin to catch up on all that has been going on so I will cheat and start with Crufts,and I'm already a month behind!!

Well Ryan and Tippex were brilliant this year qualifying for the agility and jumping finals however I do have to get one thing off my chest.All year Ryan has been running and indeed qualified in the under 12's we get to crufts and because he turned 12 a couple of weeks before had to run in the overs(I know I know my baby is growing up fast).Now in the agility semi final the first three go forward to the final in the main ring in the afternoon,they put in a fantastic clear and were only just pipped into 4th now the annoying thing was there was only THREE dogs in the unders and there was NINETEEN in the overs!!No rosette to help ease the disappointment!! The jumping final was the next day,again they put in a another fantastic clear and came 2nd,the smile on Ryan's face as he went up to get his rosette was something I shall never forget.We were so proud of him.No trophy though which I have to say I think the Kennel Club extremely mean, in the heats trophies went to 3rd in the final only 1st,doesn't make sense to me. Well sorry to start back with a moan promise no more whinging,the boys had a wonderful time,great experience,lots of fun and in this house definetly 'best in show'