Thursday, 10 April 2008

Mid Downs and Chippenham

Mid downs was not the best day for poor Ryan and Tippex. They did some good handling but unfortunately didn't quite get it together so no clear rounds this time.Ink and myself weren't much better(maybe it was something we ate for breakfast).The afternoon was a bit better Ink came 6th in 4-7 Jumping.A good day out catching up with all our friends.

Early next morning we set off for Chippenham hoping to do better. Much better today Ryan put in some lovely work with Tip but not quite fast enough for a place.He also had Titan but unfortunately Titan's mind was not on the job,he was more interested in what was going on outside the ring than staying with Ryan in the ring!!!
Ink however saved the day putting in some excellent rounds 2nd Grade 4 agility,4th 1 -7 Steeplechase and 11th 1 -7 agility.Silly me forgot to take the camera.

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