Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all. Well my new year resolution already out the window as I was going to try to keep more up to date with the blog and already it's the 8th of January !!

Christmas came and went so quick I nearly missed it . Christmas day was lovely all the family came round lots of drinking ( tea and coffee :):) )and chatting and we swapped pressies, it was great to see everyone. Boxing day we went to visit my cousins, played silly games, ate too much food ,all the usual stuff. Then we went to the Isle of Wight to stay with cousins and see the new year in. It was great except big mistake I left my camera at home and am STILL waiting ( hint hint) for Kathryn to email me with some she took of us all walking on the beach .

The kids had one day back at school before the snow came and have been at home since.The first few days was great lots of playing, building snowmen,sledging but I have to say it took me two hours to get to work yesterday by train and mostly walking when normally I can drive in fifteen minutes! Not looking forward to doing that again!

The dogs however especially Ink love the snow.

Ink just can't help herself. While the other two look on wondering what all the fuss is about.

Tippex is saying I think it's time to go home now !