Tuesday, 24 June 2008

We're going to crufts. !

What a day. I must admit I did wonder was it worth the early start and long drive to Chippenham show but decided thankfully to give it a go.First run was the Crufts qualifer, everyone was moaning as the course was a handling one this I told Ryan was an advantage as he usually runs in grade 6/7 anyway and had got round much more difficult courses before. They were on form and apart from a little hiccup at the bottom of the Aframe which cost them some time did a lovely round.There was 17 in the class and only 3 clears ,2nd place secures Crufts and now I can breath again!!
After a long wait of SEVEN hours was the junior jumping another good round puts them in 3rd. No time to relax and straight into the 1 dog 2 handlers.Ryan started the first half puts Tippex in the tunnel and I collected him at the other end and finish. This was a fun class to watch although I was surprised at how many dogs got confused at the change of handler and lost a lot of time or even refused to go with the second handler.Tippex bless him slowed slightly but then took off and no we have never practised this before. What a little star. What a surprise when I went to check the score tent and saw we had come FIRST I was soooo proud to be part of this team.
Fantastic day 3 runs , 3 rosettes but only 1 trophy :( :( but hey we're GOING TO CRUFTS ...... YIPPEE

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I love these flowers

The children sitting on the laps of Winston Churchill and his wife

This is the view from the terrace.

The first Saturday of half term was a lovely sunny day so we decided to go out for the afternoon.We arrived at Chartwell just in time for lunch so sat down to our picnic before exploring the beautiful gardens, the dogs were with us but had to stay on flexi leads and in some parts had to be on short leads but this was fine they still were out in the sun with us. We booked to do a tour of the house later in the afternoon so put them in the car.Chartwell was the home of Winston Churchill and his family so lots of information to take in.There was even a quiz for the younger ones to fill in where they had to find certain objects in each room so everyone was happy.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Bats and Superdogs

Sunday was the first ( and last as it turned out) day of Superdogs for us. Tippex had two runs the Superdog Agility qualifier and the junior jumping.He did go clear in both,unfortunately the junior jumping was a straight up and down blast and all heights were in together so no placing against those very fast collies.In the agility with me I cut a corner to get in front of him at the A frame and almost missed a jump, I made a horrible sort of squeaky sound and Tip bless him re -adjusted his stride and made the jump although it was very messy! He did get his contacts but not very well, this is something we will forever be working on I'm sure , as in training it doesn't matter how we work them he always speeds to the bottom and stops perfectly!!!I know this is what everybody says and that they don't do anything different at a show..... any advice??? I 'm open to suggestion.

I went to the Bats show on Saturday with mum, as usual mum got chatting and I nearly missed my jumping class, heard the last call raced to the ring just in time, put in a good round and was just out of the placings, however forgot the camera for this run so don't have video. Next was grade 4-7 Agility we were clear but just out of the placings. Mum ran him in the helter skelter and did a really good round and got 3rd