Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I love these flowers

The children sitting on the laps of Winston Churchill and his wife

This is the view from the terrace.

The first Saturday of half term was a lovely sunny day so we decided to go out for the afternoon.We arrived at Chartwell just in time for lunch so sat down to our picnic before exploring the beautiful gardens, the dogs were with us but had to stay on flexi leads and in some parts had to be on short leads but this was fine they still were out in the sun with us. We booked to do a tour of the house later in the afternoon so put them in the car.Chartwell was the home of Winston Churchill and his family so lots of information to take in.There was even a quiz for the younger ones to fill in where they had to find certain objects in each room so everyone was happy.


Hooch and troops said...

wow i used to go to chartwell all the time as a kid..loved the grounds wish it was my home!!

I'm Helen said...

Looks like you had a good day out - been trying for a while to put something here but internet keeps closing me down. I am holding my breath as I write........Hx