Friday, 16 July 2010

Ryan's Bad Luck

No one knows whats round the corner! The last 24 hours have been very stressful.Dave went to collect Ryan from scouts last night and when he arrived was told "Ryan's fallen over and hurt himself, someone fell on top of him !". Dave found him in a lot of distress and in great pain brought him home. We had a look and decided that an A & E visit was needed. Result, yes he had broken his tibia and was put in a half cast in case of swelling and back again in the morning.They didn't arrive home until 2am and Ryan and I were back again at 8.45 this morning . More xrays showed that it was indeed a very bad fracture and he is now in plaster from his toes to his hip in the hope that it will stabilize the leg and prevent the need for any surgery, back again next week for further xrays to check there is no bone movement. To make it worse Ryan should have been at Thorpe park today with his school as an end of year celebration. He will also miss his scout trip to Finland in August not to mention all his agility.He has been so very brave - a lot braver than I I'm sure , if the tables were reversed.

Friday, 2 July 2010


I know I've been a very bad blogger again but just must quickly post our big celebration news.

The wonderful Ryan and Fizzle are flying high and have won into grade 5 at Thames plus numerous very good top placings... too many to mention all of them but very well done to you both.

My little super girlie HAS GONE INTO GRADE 7 !!!!
After having so many eliminations recently I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get it together in the ring again, but not only have we won into grade 7 but we have had SIX CONSECUTIVE WINS starting at Axtane

grade 6 jumping
grade 6 agility
combined 4-7 jumping
followed by
grade 6 agility
grade 6 jumping
combined 6/7 agility at Watford.

I am so pleased and proud of her I can't begin to say,thanks to all those of you that have given me the support and encouragement and the kick up the ... when I needed it.

Videos hopefully to follow soon.