Thursday, 16 August 2007

Ryan's new agility dog

We have been thinking for some time now that the time has come for Ryan to get a puppy of his own to train from scratch. This past year he has tried really hard to learn as much as he can about training dogs . His relationship with Tippex particularly has come on leaps and bounds. He has also been working other dogs which various people have been kind enough to lend him.

Enter Scribble - After a long hard battle and a lot of help from Lian she finally joined our family last Sunday. Everything was fine until last Friday(the morning we were leaving to go to the KC festival) when I woke to silence which was very unusual as she is a vocal puppy to say the least!!
Scribble had been very poorly in the night and had suffered with vomiting and diarrhoea, she was lying in her cage lifeless. Now we had arranged for our good friends Thelma and Tim to look after her as she was too young to travel to the show they very kindly said they would take her straight to the vets . I was so torn I felt I should stay with her but Ryan had his finals that day at the KC and I didn't want him to miss out either.So off we set leaving her in the capable arms of the vet. She was kept in and thank god started to show improvement that afternoon when she was allowed to go home to Thelma and Tim by the evening.They did a fantastic job of nursing her back to a full recovery and we will be eternally grateful to them.

She will be 9 weeks old on Monday and has settled into our madhouse very well.She is a truly naughty puppy and is keeping us all on our toes.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Ink at KC festival

Well what an exciting weekend, Ink was fantastic not only managing to get her first clear round but 1st in grade 3 jumping,2nd grade 3 agility and a 3rd in grade 3 agility. Special thanks to Lian for lending me her camera so that I could capture some of her runs.

ryan at KC festival

Ryan and Tippex were the real superstars this weekend with all their runs being in the placings , on the podium nearly every time. I am so proud of them both they are really working well together as a team and obviously enjoying it.
YKC Jumping 1ST qualifing them for Crufts
International Junior Jumping 3RD
International Junior Agility 2ND
International Finals 5TH Overall ( this was against all height and age groups, they were the only pair in their age and height to go clear so in my eyes making them International Junior Medium Under 12 CHAMPIONS!!! )
YKC Agility 1ST also qualifing them for Crufts .

Special thanks again to Lian for the loan of her camera and her support throughout the weekend.