Wednesday, 15 August 2007

ryan at KC festival

Ryan and Tippex were the real superstars this weekend with all their runs being in the placings , on the podium nearly every time. I am so proud of them both they are really working well together as a team and obviously enjoying it.
YKC Jumping 1ST qualifing them for Crufts
International Junior Jumping 3RD
International Junior Agility 2ND
International Finals 5TH Overall ( this was against all height and age groups, they were the only pair in their age and height to go clear so in my eyes making them International Junior Medium Under 12 CHAMPIONS!!! )
YKC Agility 1ST also qualifing them for Crufts .

Special thanks again to Lian for the loan of her camera and her support throughout the weekend.

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Lian said...

HUGE Congratulations to the REAL Superstar RYAN!! Keep up the good work, you better come and run Titan for me!!