Monday, 26 November 2007

Discover Dogs

Finally got some time to update our fantastic time at discover dogs. What a day with lots of fun. We got in early as we were part of the demonstration so had a look round the stalls with not too many people,found our bench and checked what time we had to be at the ringside. The girls particularly enjoyed the flyball and we all watched in amazement the HTM routine with Mary Ray and Richard Curtis so much so the children insisted we go back at the end of the day to watch it a second time.
Ryan was in the ring three times during the day so below is a short clip,unfortunatly the YKC ring was quite small so they were limited to show what they were really capable of but Ryan and Tippex put in a lovely round each time we were very pround of them.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Catch me if you can

Fizz is really enjoying her walks off lead , Ink is having a great time teaching her to play and chase as poor Tippex doesn't have the same amount of energy as the girls( well he is nearly eleven).Here is a short clip of them up on Epsom racecourse, if you look closely you will notice Ailish running off into the distance as she also has energy to burn!! I was soooo pleased with them especially as there was lots of horses about and not one of them ran off, Tippex did look as usual I know this and always keep him close but both the girls didn't give them a second glance.We all went home tired and happy.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Fizzies Update

For Fizz's first time off lead we decided to go to the coast, our good friends Tim and Thelma came with us for moral support( and extra help should we need it). We did lots of recall on the flexi with the clicker and treats then took a big breath and let her go.Fortunately because food is so high up on Fizz's important list there was no way she was going to stray too far and she behaved perfectly.It was lovely to see her running around free.The beach was quiet so not too many distractions but those we did meet she said hello nicely and then followed on quickly - long may it last.
Lots of treats for good dogs that come straight away we called.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Dear little Fizz is a real sweetie but one very naughty habit is stealing food and unfortunately this caused a lot of panic and anguish last Thursday.At some point I'm still not sure when but I think it was when I was putting Ailish to bed and was reading her bedtime storey, Fizz crept into my bedroom and managed to open the wardrobe door pull out a pile of clothes ,unwrap two plastic bags and eat some chocolate. It was a whole bag of little snowmen that I had bought for the children's advent calendars(now it's not often that I'm this organised perhaps I had better go back to last minute shopping!!).We rushed her to the vet where she was put on a drip and kept in overnight. She responded well and I was able to collect her the following morning although we had a few days of very unpleasant vomiting and diarrhoea while her little body dealt with the effects of too much chocolate.I am happy to say she has made a full recovery and no she hasn't learnt her lesson and still tries to get into any cupboard that might contain food.I'm sure you are all aware of the dangers of chocolate and dogs but I have been surprised at the amount of people that have said they regularly give their dogs chocolate and I would hate for anybody to go through what we went through last week.