Monday, 29 October 2007

Introducing Fizz

Last Saturday we drove to Chippenham where this little girl was with foster carers.She was originally from a pound in Wales so no past history, guessing her age to be between 8 months to a year.She is very sweet natured but has not been socialised so can be a little timid until she is sure of a new situation.Gets on very well with Tippex and Ink and is great with the children.The first night was a noisy one!! taking over an hour to settle as she does have some separation issues, lots of up and down the stairs for me while the rest of the family slept peacefully ( I guess it was good that most of the house got some sleep).The second night however I only had to come down once and she was quiet all the way through till morning, by the third night she went to bed as good as gold with the other two. She is a bright little thing and is picking things up very quickly.Lots of guess work about what's in her she was described as JRT X Whippet but no one knows for sure and it has been interesting to see what different people think.She was given the name Lizzie at the rescue centre and she did respond to it quite well so as we didn't want to confuse her too much she is now known as Fizz or Fizzie and is coming along very nicely. She will of course be for Ryan to train and hopefully will love agility once she starts.

This photo was taken on Sunday so she is stilll on the flexi.

Will try and get some more photos and updates soon.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

So much news so little time

So much to catch up on but I never seem to have the time to sit down and fill in so here goes....

Paws in the park - what a weekend that was, on the Saturday we had the superdog heat Ryan and I running against each other which I think was a first.Both put in good rounds and ended with Ink and I 5th, Ryan and Tippex 6th only problem was the first FIVE qualify! I wasn't quite sure how to feel about this one. Sunday Ink was on good form again and won the grade 1-3 agility putting us into grade 4 . I know she has the speed but will have to work on the tight turns and control which she is not so good at.The boys also were on form finishing 4th in the 6/7 jumping which was quite an achievement as this course was the same for all heights and many of the handlers struggled not to get eliminated. Well done Ryan some excellent handling.

This weekend we also had Titan staying with us for some bonding time,he settled in with us very well taking it all in his stride. Ryan even did some agility with him over in the practice ring in the main part of the showground,they did some good work together.
Oops this photo is supposed to be at the bottom!!

Looking good for the future

Relaxing by the car after all their hard work

Calamity Ink as I'm beginning to think would be a better name for her has had yet again another accident. On returning from our walk yesterday she had sliced straight through the bottom of her pad another GA and stitches!!So very sadly will not be able to compete in the superdog finals after finding out on Tuesday that Ryan and I were both able to go as someone had dropped out! Ryan will be flying the Hennessy flag on his own in Peterborough on Sunday. Best of luck Ryan go and show all those adult handlers how it's done we will all be there to cheer you on.