Friday, 17 July 2009

Lots of Good news.....


Can't even begin to tell you how happy and relieved we are.Tippex has got the all clear and is back to his usual happy self . There was a small piece of broken tooth in the gum which the vet believed was the cause of the infection and a course of antibiotics later all is well.What a long week that was waiting for results!

Rugby Show

I don't usually enter shows this far away as not having any camping gear it's a long way to drive in a day.But entered as Rugby has a YKC heat. Ryan had all three in this and until the last dog ran he was in 1st with Ink and 2nd with Tippex. Only the first two qualify so a very well done as Ryan and Ink are off to Crufts but I have to say I had a little tear when he ran Tip as they put in a lovely round and it meant so much to see Tip enjoying himself doing agility again.They also ran in the junior jumping and Tippex got a 5th which Ryan was rather proud of as it was all heights together with four fast collies in front of him! Fizz also did a lovely round but got spooked on the seesaw how ever she was fantastic in the jumping and won her grade 2, this was their first grade 2 show!!
Ink and I also got a 3rd in the combined 6/7 jumping so all the driving was well worth it.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Say A little Prayer.....

Haven't updated for a while again as can't seem to find the time but we have been doing well lately in agility. Ink seems to be coming back on form with our first win in grade 6 and a couple of 2nds, 3rd and 4th. Ryan and Fizzle also doing well with quite a few top 5 places in recent shows. Sadly Tippex hasn't quite been himself lately but I couldn't find anything in particular and had put it down to the extreme heat and his age, that is until last week when I found a lump in his mouth.I took him straight to the vet and he was operated on last Friday where they x-rayed then removed his upper incisors, some bone and some fluid. We are now waiting for the results...I have to say he seems so much happier in himself already , the vet has said treat him as normal until we know the results so I am trying very hard to keep positive.