Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ink's done it again !!

I can't believe it my little super star went and won another jumping and agility again this weekend at WBSDS show.I think I've got one more show in grade five and then we'll really have our work cut out against all those super fast collies in 6 and 7.
Here she is waiting patiently ( almost unheard of for her ! ) in the queue for her run.

Fizzle and Ryan again were on form coming 3rd in the combined 1-3 jumping.This was a step up for them as not only was it against grade 3 's but also the ring was in the main part of the show ground with more distractions.Well done Ryan ,Fizzle's improving with each show she goes to.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Trophys at Wallingford

What a weekend.First up was Fizzle in the grade 1-2 jumping which was in ring six nicely tucked away on it's own at the end of the showground.Fizzle was amazing for the very first time at a show she put in a great round really focused on Ryan with no distractions and came in 2nd.Fabulous Ryan all your hard work has been worth it. Sadly the rest of her runs that weekend were all up in the main part of the show with lots of distractions on all sides. This is something she has to get used to and I'm sure will come with time.

Saturday with Ink was not worth talking about we weren't together and got eliminated in both rounds !! Sunday however was very different what can I say Ink was a star, two fantastic runs winning both the grade 4/5 agility and jumping, putting us into grade 6 !!! I just love working this little dog she always gives it her all and absolutely loves working. It's my handling that lets her down but when we get it right it's a wonderful feeling...I don't think I'm quite back down to earth yet! To think this time last year was looking very bleak and I truly thought she would never work again.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter Celebration

This was Fizzle's first outdoor show so I wasn't quite sure how her concentration was going to last.I think about 10-15 seconds was her maximum before she stopped and had a look round but thankfully she stayed with me in the ring!! If you take her daydreaming out,the rest of each round wasn't too bad!

Tippex was enjoying himself as usual with some lovely clear rounds sadly just out of the placings.The grade 7 jumping on Sunday was proving to be a problem with only three clears,most people were getting eliminated at the pull through between two jumps and into a tunnel,Tip did the difficult bit then ran across me nearly taking me down to do a jump rather than the tunnel straight in front!!

Mum and Ink had a good weekend ,6th in 4-7 jump and 8th in 1-7 helter skelter.A good weekend catching up with friends and the weather wasn't too bad at all.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Downland Show

We had a late start yesterday so Dave and the girls decided to come along as the sun was shining! This was Fizzle's 2nd show and after the disaster at Chippenham we were just hoping to try and get her more confident and happy in the ring.Amazingly she was a completely different dog in the jumping she had just a run by but was much more happy to work in the ring so Ryan was very pleased with her.The KC olympia was next again slight handler error near the beginning got them eliminated but she worked very well.Last of all was the steeplechase a clear round fantastic.This was a 1-7 combined so lots of very fast dogs put them way out of the placings but they did get the best junior so came home with a trophy - even better ! Unfortunately the memory card was full so we didn't catch the whole run aaagh !!
Ryan and Tippex were back to their usual teamwork, did three clear rounds unfortunately were the first dog out of the placings in both the jumping and agility but got 5th in the steeplechase. They did however get the best junior in all three rounds and no he wasn't the only junior at the show!!!
My first run with Ink was the agility she was great and still on form coming 2nd to a superfast little collie.However I let her down in the jumping and she missed her weave entry and we totally blew the steeplechase.But all in all a fantastic day especially to see Ryan doing so well with Fizzle.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Port Lymph

Tuesday we went to Port Lynmph in Kent. This was for Ailish's birthday treat although a little late! Ailish has a bit of a thing for giraffes so that was our aim for the day.The park is something between a zoo and a safari part of it you walk round and part of it you go in the parks wildlife safari trucks.There were a couple of highlights to the day for Ailish it had to be the giraffes which we saw from the truck and the other we saw by chance as we just happened to be in the right place at the right time.The pole feeding of the lions is only done about once every 4-5 weeks . This helps the lions to keep in shape and it uses muscles that they obviously are not using every day.

We spent ages watching these guys play and interact with each other.

Port Lynmph are very proud of their black Rhino breeding program. They have the largest collection of breeding Rhino outside Africa.They also have successfully released three females back into the wild that have now produced calves.

One very excited young lady on her way to see the giraffes.

We bought Ailish this special giraffe pillow and cuddly giraffe as a momento of the day.She was almost asleep before she climbed into bed !