Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter Celebration

This was Fizzle's first outdoor show so I wasn't quite sure how her concentration was going to last.I think about 10-15 seconds was her maximum before she stopped and had a look round but thankfully she stayed with me in the ring!! If you take her daydreaming out,the rest of each round wasn't too bad!

Tippex was enjoying himself as usual with some lovely clear rounds sadly just out of the placings.The grade 7 jumping on Sunday was proving to be a problem with only three clears,most people were getting eliminated at the pull through between two jumps and into a tunnel,Tip did the difficult bit then ran across me nearly taking me down to do a jump rather than the tunnel straight in front!!

Mum and Ink had a good weekend ,6th in 4-7 jump and 8th in 1-7 helter skelter.A good weekend catching up with friends and the weather wasn't too bad at all.

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