Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ink's done it again !!

I can't believe it my little super star went and won another jumping and agility again this weekend at WBSDS show.I think I've got one more show in grade five and then we'll really have our work cut out against all those super fast collies in 6 and 7.
Here she is waiting patiently ( almost unheard of for her ! ) in the queue for her run.

Fizzle and Ryan again were on form coming 3rd in the combined 1-3 jumping.This was a step up for them as not only was it against grade 3 's but also the ring was in the main part of the show ground with more distractions.Well done Ryan ,Fizzle's improving with each show she goes to.


I'm Helen said...

Hey - well done both you and Ryan. Especially Ink who has really come on so well since her injury Hx

Hooch and troops said...

Fab run Ryan...Fizz looks really confident and she didnt even hesitate at the wall!! well done..

As far as Inky what can i say..just well done and bet you cant wait to have a go at those G6/7 courses!!


Lian said...

Well done Ann & Inky! WTG Inky! I am sure you can easily beat those collies!!

Congrats to Ryan and Fizz, this pair is looking each time. Can't believe there is a wall in C1-3!