Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Trophys at Wallingford

What a weekend.First up was Fizzle in the grade 1-2 jumping which was in ring six nicely tucked away on it's own at the end of the showground.Fizzle was amazing for the very first time at a show she put in a great round really focused on Ryan with no distractions and came in 2nd.Fabulous Ryan all your hard work has been worth it. Sadly the rest of her runs that weekend were all up in the main part of the show with lots of distractions on all sides. This is something she has to get used to and I'm sure will come with time.

Saturday with Ink was not worth talking about we weren't together and got eliminated in both rounds !! Sunday however was very different what can I say Ink was a star, two fantastic runs winning both the grade 4/5 agility and jumping, putting us into grade 6 !!! I just love working this little dog she always gives it her all and absolutely loves working. It's my handling that lets her down but when we get it right it's a wonderful feeling...I don't think I'm quite back down to earth yet! To think this time last year was looking very bleak and I truly thought she would never work again.


Hooch and troops said...

Gr8 runs...brill to be able to see them as i missed all of them at the weekend! mm wonder why!! lol

Well done u and Inky i bet you are still in cloud nine..inky seems to have at the most 2 strides between jumps but i believe she can still get faster and tighten up so Grade 6 watch out!!!


ps not long now Ryan before you are joining me and Hoochie in G3!

Lian said...

Fab result from Ryan & Fizz. What a team! They can only get better! Well done Ryan.

I saw Inky's runs on Sunday, she was a brilliant little dog! It won't be long you will be competing at Champ class! Well done girls!

Richard said...

Great run and cool site can not wait to see you guys again.... Richard

Briggsi said...

Many Congratulations to you and Inky grade 7 beckons!!Great result too for Ryan and Fizzle.