Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rain Hail and a Little Bit of Sun....

The weather recently has been just awful causing havoc with all sorts , lots of flash floods ,  roads blocked ,  shows cancelled .....
This was a hail storm that started  20 minutes before we were due to go training needless to say it was cancelled that night   :(

The hail stones were huge.

Yesterday was Ailish's sports day ata school , she had a fantastic day coming 4th in the 100m sprint , she won both the 400m and the 100m team relay and her house came 2nd overall, well done to Ailish and all her team mates .

The sun shone today so we went out for a lovely long walk.Tippex still manages to join us most days , I just walk a bit slower and we have a few stops along the way.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Crufts here we come.....

I say we I really mean Ryan and Fizzle and Ink, I will be there of course but so far as a groom to Ryan !! The pressure is on for me to qualify aswell :)

Big big congratulations to Ryan, so far he has qualified

Ink - YKC jumping and agility - at Darford and Keston
Fizzle - YKC agility- at Dartford and Keston
Fizzle - small teams - at Lansdown

Many thanks and congratulations to the rest of the team Suzanne and Keanne, Hazel and Puzzle and Peggy and Zoe.