Monday, 6 April 2009

Downland Show

We had a late start yesterday so Dave and the girls decided to come along as the sun was shining! This was Fizzle's 2nd show and after the disaster at Chippenham we were just hoping to try and get her more confident and happy in the ring.Amazingly she was a completely different dog in the jumping she had just a run by but was much more happy to work in the ring so Ryan was very pleased with her.The KC olympia was next again slight handler error near the beginning got them eliminated but she worked very well.Last of all was the steeplechase a clear round fantastic.This was a 1-7 combined so lots of very fast dogs put them way out of the placings but they did get the best junior so came home with a trophy - even better ! Unfortunately the memory card was full so we didn't catch the whole run aaagh !!
Ryan and Tippex were back to their usual teamwork, did three clear rounds unfortunately were the first dog out of the placings in both the jumping and agility but got 5th in the steeplechase. They did however get the best junior in all three rounds and no he wasn't the only junior at the show!!!
My first run with Ink was the agility she was great and still on form coming 2nd to a superfast little collie.However I let her down in the jumping and she missed her weave entry and we totally blew the steeplechase.But all in all a fantastic day especially to see Ryan doing so well with Fizzle.

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I'm Helen said...

Let me know which shows you are at and I will try to bring eggs when we have some spare! They are lovely.