Saturday, 4 April 2009

Port Lymph

Tuesday we went to Port Lynmph in Kent. This was for Ailish's birthday treat although a little late! Ailish has a bit of a thing for giraffes so that was our aim for the day.The park is something between a zoo and a safari part of it you walk round and part of it you go in the parks wildlife safari trucks.There were a couple of highlights to the day for Ailish it had to be the giraffes which we saw from the truck and the other we saw by chance as we just happened to be in the right place at the right time.The pole feeding of the lions is only done about once every 4-5 weeks . This helps the lions to keep in shape and it uses muscles that they obviously are not using every day.

We spent ages watching these guys play and interact with each other.

Port Lynmph are very proud of their black Rhino breeding program. They have the largest collection of breeding Rhino outside Africa.They also have successfully released three females back into the wild that have now produced calves.

One very excited young lady on her way to see the giraffes.

We bought Ailish this special giraffe pillow and cuddly giraffe as a momento of the day.She was almost asleep before she climbed into bed !

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