Thursday, 8 November 2007

Fizzies Update

For Fizz's first time off lead we decided to go to the coast, our good friends Tim and Thelma came with us for moral support( and extra help should we need it). We did lots of recall on the flexi with the clicker and treats then took a big breath and let her go.Fortunately because food is so high up on Fizz's important list there was no way she was going to stray too far and she behaved perfectly.It was lovely to see her running around free.The beach was quiet so not too many distractions but those we did meet she said hello nicely and then followed on quickly - long may it last.
Lots of treats for good dogs that come straight away we called.


Sarah and Leslie said...

Looks like you had a lovely time, Fizzy looks lovely!

Hooch and troops said...

Fizz looks right at home.. cant believe you have only had her a couple of weeks...bless...lets hope u wont need earplugs for her too!!!