Friday, 2 July 2010


I know I've been a very bad blogger again but just must quickly post our big celebration news.

The wonderful Ryan and Fizzle are flying high and have won into grade 5 at Thames plus numerous very good top placings... too many to mention all of them but very well done to you both.

My little super girlie HAS GONE INTO GRADE 7 !!!!
After having so many eliminations recently I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get it together in the ring again, but not only have we won into grade 7 but we have had SIX CONSECUTIVE WINS starting at Axtane

grade 6 jumping
grade 6 agility
combined 4-7 jumping
followed by
grade 6 agility
grade 6 jumping
combined 6/7 agility at Watford.

I am so pleased and proud of her I can't begin to say,thanks to all those of you that have given me the support and encouragement and the kick up the ... when I needed it.

Videos hopefully to follow soon.


Hooch n Troops said...

Mega congrats Ann and the lovely Inkie...cant believe she has grown from such a little bundle of black fluff to a brill agility dog...go get em in the champ classes :)


Briggsi said...

Many Congratulations Ann,Ryan and your two little stars Ink and Fizzle.

Hooch n Troops said...

Congrats Ryan..wont b long before you are joining ya mum in the champ ring! fab photos :)

Lian said...

Wow Wow and Wow! Congratulations to the clever girlies!