Friday, 16 April 2010

Ryan and Fizzle in to Grade 4

Playing catch up again sorry ! Chippenham Show was an early start and a long day but so worth it. Ryan won the agility and came 4th in the jumping.

Ink was also in good form 2nd in the grade 6 agility by .o12 of a second , a lovely cocker spaniel won that is now gone into grade 7. The jumping I was so pleased with a fast flowing course with some handling as well, to my amazement we came 2nd this was a combined 6/7 course at a championship show ! To round off the day was Fizzle and Ink's first attempt at pairs and we came 7th. Made the drive home much more pleasant.

Easter celebration thank goodness put the small medium ring inside where we were on ring party. Ink's grade 6 agility was up first another 2nd what a good girl she is.
Ryan and Fizzle just to prove it wasn't a fluke won the grade 3 agility again. On the jumping rounds however we both picked up 5 on the weaves !

The Sunday got off to a mad rush Ryan had three rings going at the same time one being the juniors with all three dogs. Not sure who did the most running me back and forth to the car or him in the ring itself. All his runs were clear in juniors Ink came 6th and Fizzle 8th with Tippex just outside the placings. Grade 3 jumping they came 2nd. Fortunately Dave and the girls decided to pop down as it was a local show and they managed to see him win the 1-3 agility - lots of cheering as he crossed the finish line. They also won the small 1-5 tournament overall.

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