Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Bats and Superdogs

Sunday was the first ( and last as it turned out) day of Superdogs for us. Tippex had two runs the Superdog Agility qualifier and the junior jumping.He did go clear in both,unfortunately the junior jumping was a straight up and down blast and all heights were in together so no placing against those very fast collies.In the agility with me I cut a corner to get in front of him at the A frame and almost missed a jump, I made a horrible sort of squeaky sound and Tip bless him re -adjusted his stride and made the jump although it was very messy! He did get his contacts but not very well, this is something we will forever be working on I'm sure , as in training it doesn't matter how we work them he always speeds to the bottom and stops perfectly!!!I know this is what everybody says and that they don't do anything different at a show..... any advice??? I 'm open to suggestion.

I went to the Bats show on Saturday with mum, as usual mum got chatting and I nearly missed my jumping class, heard the last call raced to the ring just in time, put in a good round and was just out of the placings, however forgot the camera for this run so don't have video. Next was grade 4-7 Agility we were clear but just out of the placings. Mum ran him in the helter skelter and did a really good round and got 3rd

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