Thursday, 15 May 2008

Tunbridge Wells

Can't remember the last time I went to a show alone but as the other love of Ryan's life (Chelsea)had a very big game on Sunday he decided to stay at home with Dad and cheer them on.So for the first time in a very long time (I don't even train him anymore as Ryan has taken him over completely)Tippex and I were reunited.We had so much fun and even came home with a rosette,4th in the Olympia qualifers,unfortunately for us the 1st and 2nd placed had not yet qualifed where as in the small the 3rd and 4th placed did qualify!!! In the Crufts singles we came 6th just out of the placings but picking up some valuable points,unfortunately as Ink is injured I haven't entered many shows so think I may have missed any further heats not even sure when they are!!The last run of the day was gr 6/7 jumping and he put in another fab round running his little socks off for me again just out of the placings not bad for an old man.Thanks to Ryan for letting me have him back although I'm not sure I'm ready to return him yet..... don't you have lots of homework to do this weekend???


Hooch and troops said...

ok ok i was meant to b there too...but with bert not being 100% thought it was better to save the diesel...mind u u had a fab day on your own! well done tippex ooo and mum!

I'm Helen said...

Hi Anne. Found the blog (finally - did try searching with no joy) through Karen's blog. So 'Hi'!!! Hx