Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Playing Catch Up Again

First the good news on Ryan, he has been so patient and done exactly as he was told which means he could do nothing but so far so good and best of all today we went back to the hospital and his plaster has been replaced with one that starts below the knee ! He still is not allowed to bear any weight on the right leg but it is so much easier and more comfortable to get around.

The last few weeks have been busy and difficult at the same time as we have had to rethink our summer but we had a lovely few days on the Isle of Wight . Every year my cousins Anne and Christopher put on a family get together, it is always a great success and a very big thank you to them both.We always have a bouncy castle and this year it was something quite different.It had a beam across the middle which some found more difficult than others to get on! once you were up the idea was to knock your opponent off with a big cushion. The kids were great hanging on upside down and had to be peeled off literally.It's become a bit of a tradition that the group photo is done on the bouncy castle and this year was no exception.

Just a quick note on the agility front ,( mixed feelings about this one as I feel so pleased that Fizzle works for me but a bit guilty at the same time )but at Rugby Fizzle qualified for Crufts 2010 teams, four fast clears put us in first, well done to my fellow team members Anne with Roxy, Wendy with Cruise and Peggy with Zoe. Fizzle was a complete star winning her grade 5 jumping, 3rd in grade 5 agility with me holding all her contacts! Not forgetting Ink 2ND in her grade 6 agility and 5TH in grade 6 jumping.

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