Monday, 8 February 2010

Crufts countdown - 4 weeks Tomorrow !!!

Crufts is getting ever nearer and I am starting to get a bit worried about making sure I am ready. This year I am in four separate competitions, the YKC agility dog of the year with Ink, YKC medium ABC with Tip, the YKC teams and the YKC small agility with fizzle. This will be Fizzles first year so I am wondering how she will react to the conditions at crufts. She has never run on carpet before but my main worry is that she will freak out at the amount of people and the noise surrounding the ring. Mum has sorted out with Eleanor a training day on carpet during half term next week. Can't wait!

However I am really looking forward to it and am really exited. If I can get into the main ring again this year that would be great, the atmosphere is just amazing.

Recently, we have also been working on our contacts. Fizz gets impatient on the see-saw and if it doesn't tip quick enough she likes to jump of the sides.This is because I have a got into the habit of leaning into her when praising her at the bottom.I really have to concentrate on keeping my shoulders straight and feeding her from the hand closest to her. The other contact I was a bit concerned about was the A frame, she keeps going on the movement of my body, not me saying go, I need to practise running past the contact and not feeding from exactly the same place every single time.

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Hooch n Troops said...

All the best Ryan for Crufts...fab that you have qualified sooo many dogs for the YKC...brill...and remember just have fun! lol