Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Success at Crufts

3 dogs 4 competitions 2 rosettes. First up was Ink in the YKC agility dog of the year,started well but we weren't quite together on the day and sadly picked up an elimination, but Ink didn't know this and we had a great time.
Next was my little Fizzle and after our major scare last week I just wanted to enjoy running her. She was absolutely amazing and we were lying first with just the last dog to go, a fantastic grade seven dog and we came second. I was so proud of her to do this well in her first year of competing,as my first dog to train she has been a huge challenge with all her difficulties. We have learnt a lot from each other and I look forward to what lies ahead. She was also in the team which was quite a tricky course in the small space and we picked up five faults. With two clears and two eliminations we were out of the placings but I would like to thank my fellow team members I had lots of fun.

Pachesham Juniors 2

Tippex was a star as always and to my great suprise we picked up a 6th place, I was especially pleased as he is 13 next week and I didn't think we were fast enough to get a place. He also qualified for the supadogs final at Mid-downs before Crufts. So we will have to see how he is come October and see how he goes between now and then.

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ann said...

Ryan we are so so proud of you, you've worked very hard and have come a long way ,looking forward to watching you continue to develope together.Another great year with Tippex again you deserve all your success. Lots of love from all of us xxxxxxxxxx