Sunday, 1 February 2009

Countdown to Crufts......

This weekend we went to the Pachesham simulated show, it was a great success and Fizz is getting a lot better,Tippex was a bit slow but that would be expected as he is now nearly twelve years old. In the video Tip and Fizz both do the same run and for the first time Fizzle was actually faster than Tip, I think this was because he had a wide turn coming out of the tunnel whereas Fizz was tighter. Poor Ink was out of action again, as she cut her pad open the Tuesday before.I'm hoping she will be back to training soon as we need the practice and the countdown to crufts is on....FIVE weeks to go. Ink and Tippex both qualified for the agility dog of the year and I had to choose which to take.As Tippex also qualified for the ABC agility I decided to take ink to the agility dog of the year which meant they would have one run each.

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