Saturday, 10 January 2009

Pachesham Simulated Show dec 08

This was one of the first times that Fizzle had the opportunity to jump a complete course as in training we focus on short exercises it was interesting to see how she put it all together the main problem we had was the contacts she stopped beautifully but wasn't keen to come off without her reward. This is something we can work on so not really a major problem. Overall we were very pleased with her and look forward to getting her out on the circuit this year.

Sian has begun to work Tippex in training and this was her first show. She was extremely nervous as she had to work in front of a different group of people.She did a great round , just stopping in the weave to ask the judge if she was going the right way before continuing! Tippex was so good with her, working to her pace even stopping with her in the weave and waiting for her to carry on, what a school master!
Hopefully she will continue to build her confidence.


Karen said...

Brilliant Ann !! Ryan is doing so well with this little girl, you must be really proud of the both of them, she is such a different dog to the one I first say all shakey and scared :0) xx

Lian said...

Well done to Ryan and Fizzie, you both look very good! I can see the red rosette coming your way already!! Also well done to Sian being such a brave little girl.

Hooch and troops said...

Well done kids you are definately going to give your mum a run for her money!!

Cant wait till little Fizz gets in the ring this year..all the best for 2009