Monday, 16 February 2009

A few days escape

We were very lucky to get the chance to have a few days away just the two of us on the glorious virgin isle of St Thomas last week,all to the thanks of Dave's work.Its an American company and because Dave made his sales target for the year last year this was our reward.My cousin Ann came over from Ireland to look after the children and we are extremely grateful to her,the kids had a ball!

These were some of the views from our balcony.

These were some of the guys we found on our beach, fortunately we didn't have to fight them for the sun beds!!

The beach and the sea were amazing and we loved walking along the waters edge every day although I did feel strange without any children or dogs, it was very peaceful!!

Some beautiful flowers.

And the rather unusual sausage tree named after the woody sausage like fruit.

A long way to go for four days, it has taken me a week to get over the jet lag but I'm not really complaning.:0)

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Hooch and troops said...

wow looks absolutely georgous...only a few days are u mad!!! at least 2 weeks would have been nice! lol...

Bet it was very quiet without any dogs or children!!