Friday, 12 June 2009

Half Term Fun

Running behind as usual but this post is particularly for my cousin Eileen who wanted to see and hear more about the Hennessy children than the Hennessy dogs :0) !!
We did lots of days out and one of them was to a country fair which included almost everything from funfair rides , heavy horse displays , sheep shearing to falconry but the main attraction was a Napoleonic Reenactment.This was amazing and the photos really don't do it justice.The best ride the children enjoyed was the Hydrosphere where the children climbed into a bubble which was then filled with air and put in a very big paddling pool and they had to try and walk to move the ball around - very amusing for spectators.

We also did a day out to see HMS Belfast as it is the 60th Anniversary of D Day this year there was a special expedition with lots of characters dressed up explaining their role during the war which made it very interesting. While we were there we were lucky to see the tower bridge open up to let a boat pass through.

Can you guess the name of this Captain?

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