Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Fizzle's in Grade 2!!

Thames was a great weekend for Fizzle and I. It started off with an Agility win which put me into grade 2. I then got a 3rd in the jumping to top off the day. The next day I was really optimistic and wanted to do well again. It started off well with a 2nd in the agility. My next run was jumping in which when I walked the course I thought to myself 'I can win this'. So when I went to run and knocked the first pole down I got really disheartened and we ended up getting eliminated (very naughty handler). Our next run was the 1-7 Olympia qualifier in which we got a 5 on the weave but nonetheless it was a good run. The next few shows should be exiting as fizz and I are begining to get it together.

The first place trophy is nearly as big as Fizz!

Happily Mum and Ink are back competing and Ink is sound. However luck wasn't in their direction and they didn't get a clear round this weekend, hopefully it won't be long.


I'm Helen said...

Well done to you and Fizzle. What a great weekend you had! Helen and gang

Lian said...

Very well done to Ryan and that little Fizzy! Great job!

Karen said...

Yay well done to you and Fizz love karen and the gang xxx

Hooch n Troops said...

Well done RYAN and musnt let your mum take all the glory! lol cant wait to see Fizzle in Grade 3..xx