Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ink 's Won Into Grade 5 !!

The first show of the year has got off to a fantastic start for myself and Ink.We have had a great weekend.Mid Downs on Saturday and she won the grade 3-4 combined agility I was so pleased and then she came 7th in the 3-7 jumping which I think I'm right in saying the first six dogs were all grade 7 ,I couldn't have been happier.

So up at the crack of dawn to Chippenham and again she ran her little socks off coming home with a 3rd in the 4-5 jumping and a 2nd in the 4-6 agility by only 0.04 of a second!!

This was also Ryan and Fizzle's first show.We weren't sure how Fizzle was going to be as she has been a very difficult dog to train with lots of hurdles to overcome(if you excuse the pun).She was completely spooked and didn't quite know how to cope with it all but Ryan was great and persevered, he managed to keep her in the ring and she had a couple of run bys and two attempts at the cloth tunnel. Not bad at all for her first show - must ask if we can get the cloth tunnel out more at club as we hardly ever use it! Lots to work on to build her confidence up in the ring but a very well done to Ryan these two have come a long way in the past year.

Video to follow hopefully tomorrow.


Lian said...

Well done Inky and of course Ann! Good to catch up with you yesterday. Looking forward to a walk togethter asap.

I'm Helen said...

Well done to you and Ink Ann - well deserved and to Ryan too - it's not easy with a jack russell! Hx Mind you it's not easy with a young collie either especially when her handler is a bit of a twit! xx

Hooch and troops said...

Go Inky go Inky go go going to start a cheerleading song for Inky!

Congratulations Inky and of course Ann too!!