Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fizzle wins Grade 6 Agility

Easter Celebration show this weekend was nice and close and all the family came to watch which was even better as Ryan and little Fizzle won the grade 6 agility !! Only one more agility win needed now to make them grade 7 - won't be long I'm sure.Well done Ryan very well deserved. :)

Sadly Ink was out of action due to slicing her ear in half needing 10 stitches. I still have no idea how she managed to do it we were all walking along enjoying our walk, there was no yelp squeak nothing just lots of blood.Thankfully it won't be long before she 's back to normal.

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nellie-bean's blog said...

Well done Fizzle and Ryan! Ears are horrid. Henry did it once down on a beach miles from anywhere...he was covered in blood and I was hysterical - until I found the source. The sea water helped.....