Saturday, 31 March 2012


Crufts was a few weeks ago and was even more amazing than ever for me as I was to compete in the main ring with my Ink. Obviously last year was  something quite special as my first time competing at Crufts was with Ryan's little Fizzle winning the team event, but I so wanted to be there with Ink. We made it and I cannot describe how nervous I was ! The jumping was up first and I could hardly believe the moment had finally come.To my delight we were clear, with small handler errors once or twice producing wide turns we finished in 2nd place behind the super fast Spanish dog.

Below is the jumping run , I am at 9.06 if you don't want to watch the whole clip.

The afternoon was the agility . I was slightly more relaxed after the jumping but when we went out to walk the course the arena was packed and the atmosphere was really buzzing and nerves  kicked in again. Just 5 on the a frame but we finished in 3rd  and to my amazement that put us in 2nd overall !!
A very long day,early start  late finish, exhausting with all the walking back and forth to the car so Ink could get some rest as she couldn't relax on the benching, but so so worth it and it's made me more determined to get back there again next year.Well done to my little super star.

Again below is the link for the agility run and I am at 6.56.

I just love the expression on Ink's face

Fizzle and Ryan had also qualified again for Crufts this year and what more Ryan has qualified  Fizzle every year since they began competing together quite an achievment on its on I think ! Sadly this was not to be their year as although they started brilliantly Fizzle slipped on the carpet and was faulted in the weave but otherwise a perfect round. Never mind I'm sure they will return .

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Hooch n Troops said...

well done Ann and Inkie...loved the runs and u looked v calm and compossed! :) x