Monday, 7 November 2011


Many of you have been asking about Tippex so I thought it was high time I updated. Thankfully I can report that all is well and he is getting stronger by the day. For those of you that don't know six weeks ago Tippex collasped very suddenly one morning ,he seemed to be in great pain and was struggling to walk properly.I went straight to my vets who were able to take xrays without the need to do a GA. Bless him he was such a good boy he let them do all they needed with only a light sedation. I have been going there for nearly twenty years and can't praise them all enough for the great care that all my guys have been given over the years.
Anyway to cut a long story short Tippex was referred to Noel Fitzpatick of "The Bionic Vet " fame and was operated on that night.The simple story is that two of the discs were squashed and had to be cleaned out.Tippex was kept in for four days and was returned home with the aid of a sling to walk but only toilet breaks in the garden and strict rest. I was shown a number of physio excersises that had to be done six to eight times a day. It was very distressing for me to watch him unable to stand on his own let alone walk but he just seemed to accept it. Typical terrier just wanted to be on his way as quicky as possible.
On day eight I came down in the morning to see him stand up in his cage and wag his tail at me, I can't find the words to begin to desribe how happy I was. That all seems such a long time ago, now we are up to 45 minute walks on a flexi and he loves every minute of it. He also is having lots of physio and hydrotherapy which he loves.

I could tell by the look on some peoples faces when I told them that they were wondering why I put him through all the surgery at the age of 14 and a half, and for the first few days I sometimes questioned myself too.But we talked it through in great detail and the vets gave us good odds in his favour so we felt he deserved to have the best shot.To see him trotting along in the woods his tail never stopping I know we made the right decision.

Here he is enjoying the sunshine that first week home.I love the way Ink and Fizzle lie close to the pen to keep him company.

Ailish sitting with him to keep him company and a gentle cuddle.


nellie-bean's blog said...

Well I never wondered why! He's a fit strong healthy boy with a real zest for life. No questions here! Give him a cuddle from me xx

ann said...

Consider your cuddle delivered Helen, Thanks X