Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Crufts....Wooo Hoooo

I can't believe it, I'm still not quite back to earth. We won the small teams.... What a little angel, she ran her little socks off a fantastic clear round in the final. I have to say my nerves got the better of me in the semis. It was a first time for both of us in the main ring, and I had the worry of letting my team mates and Ryan down.Thank you and congratulations to my fellow team mates Anne and Roxy,Wendy and Cruise and Suzanne and Keane.


Helen said...

Hey well done you! And well done to Suzanne and Keane who won Henry's memorial award this year. As you know her and me you'll have to introduce us...Good to see the team being won by not just one or two rescue terriers but THREE (at least!)..Hx

Briggsi said...


ann said...

thanks Helen, next time we're all at a show we can all get together for a chat. Just for the record all the dogs were rescues !! xx