Monday, 14 December 2009

Just Minis Christmas Show and Agility Catch Up

Hi everyone

Sorry we haven't been on the blog for a while but we have been very busy.Now here for the catch up. I have qualified all three of our dogs for crufts in different YKC competitions.
Tippex: ABC medium agility.
Ink: YKC agility dog of the year
Fizzle: YKC team agility with my friends from Pachesham, and YKC small agility.
Fizzle has had a fantastic first year, she started out a bit rocky but is now coming along much better. She has been winning quite a bit and is now in grade three. We have also qualified for the agility club starters challenge final next July.

Ink has also had a good year, however she has had lots of injuries and hasn't been able to compete for a lot of it. Ink is now in grade 6.

The plan for Tippex was to retire him next year at crufts but watching him this weekend, now I'm not so sure, he thoroughly enjoys his agility and I think it helps to keep him fit. Our vet is happy for him to continue so perhaps we'll just let him tell us when he's ready to stop. You can see for yourself on the video.

Here are a few videos from just minis last weekend.


Hooch n Troops said...

Fab well done Ryan for qualifiying sooo many dogs for Crufts! Fizz has definately come on loads since u first started training her!

Happy Christmas Ann and family

I'm Helen said...

Hey -good to see you guys blogging again. See you at Crufts...Hx