Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Catching up AGAIN.....

Sorry folks but I just don't seem to be able to get my act together this year as far as updating the blog. Not sure where to start but first with the best news


After nearly six months of worry with Ink I am so pleased to say that she's almost back to normal exercise. We saw the wonderful Noel Fitzpatrick and he has advised us to treat her as normal as possible even to let her back to agility.Yes she has a spinal worry but there is no way of telling if it is going to give her problems in the future or not. We are to keep her as fit and active as we can and most of all to let her enjoy life.
How ever after visiting a physio (who came highly recommended) she found a very interesting problem.Ink was found to have a rotation in her sacro- iliac( I know the spelling is totally wrong)joint,which we think was done chasing a deer! She believes that Ink's lameness back in April was due to this rather than the spondylosis at L6-7-S1 because Ink doesn't show any symptoms of that you would expect a dog to have with this particular diagnosis. We had a number of sessions spread over quite a few weeks and thankfully Ink is stable so far but it will be ongoing with the physio to make sure nothing slips out of place.


Ryan has been working hard with the Fizzle and she is coming along, not an easy dog by any means! The main problem is concentration or lack of it!! She is getting better at home in the garden they are putting in some nice work but at club with all the distractions it's not so easy.She was like this at first with getting her to play tug ,it took her ages to be able to play anywhere other than at home now it's a struggle to get her to let go.I'm sure they will get there in the end.


Ryan has had to put up with me stealing Tippex back every now and again as I was going stir crazy with no agility at all so thank you Ryan.Tippex and I have had a few places and lots of fun I really love working this dog.
With thanks to Eleanor and the Balchin kids myself and my three were able to experience Dogs in need for the first time this year.. what a week one caravan with awning,two adults, eight kids(we found two more when we got there)and ten dogs. I have to say it was great and the week went very quickly. Thanks again to the balchins.


Just Ryan was working at DINAS he had a fantastic week lots of placings and got through to the final on Thursday. This was quite a difficult course but the boys put in a fab round and ended up fourth overall.Saturday was the YKC qualifier this was Inks return to agility and yes Ryan did a fantastic job and qualified her for Crufts.Now unfortunately each handler is only allowed to take one dog so decision time will be in January but what a decision.Well done done to Ryan I'm so proud of you.

Stour valley was my first show with Ink what a star she was 2nd in the ABC 1-4 jump this was mixed with the large dogs so a total of 119 altogether, I nearly lost her at one point you'll see in the video ,2nd in the 1-4 jumping and third in the grade 4 agility where again I got in her way at the bottom of the dog walk.It means so much to see her working with such enthusiasm but most of all she sound.
Ryan also had a great weekend 6th 5-7 ABC jumping again this was combined with the large dogs,4th ABC 5-7 agility and 5th 5-7 jumping.

Paws in the Park was another great show for us Ink 1st gr3-5 jumping and just some handler errors with me to give us a run by in the superdog agility. Ryan and Tippex had three clears but sadly just out of the placings,although they didn't seem in tune with each other as you will see in the clips below.

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OMG your've finally updated your blog!! hee hee...gr8 to hear your news just need some piccies now! fab that Inkie winkie will b up and running for next year..yippeeeee